Illuminating Buildings 2018

Could your Club illuminate a building with the End Polio Now or Purple4Polio logo? Find out how to do it here

WORLD POLIO DAY - 23th October 2018
The main promotion within RIBI for World Polio Day 2018 is purple lighting of buildings.  RIBI President Debbie Hodge asks all Clubs to think about whether there are iconic buildings or other suitable buildings that could be illuminated. It is not as difficult to do as it might seem! RIBI has prepared a detailed briefing on what is involved. Click here for a copy.

Could you involve local celebrities, could this tie in with a polio fund raising event, could it be linked to the planting of purple crocus corms?

The picture is of the Village Inn, Pitlessie, lit up in 2016 by the Howe of Fife Rotary Club.