Rotary Friendship Exchange

Rotary Friendship Exchange oppportunities

The following exchange opportunities are for 2018-19.  The travelling groups are for 10 to 14 people (made up of singles and/or couples).  Party members can add time on before or after the exchange period to travel in their selected country as they wish.  Dates for travelling out and back to Scotland are flexible for anyone interested.

Being part of an Exchange Team

Those who host will have first call on a place on our return exchange visits, but there is no requirement to take part in a return visit to act as a host.  The D1020 exchange teams will be visiting D5520, Texas/New Mexico over 11th to 20th September 2018 and visiting D5520, Melbourne, Australia probably in April 2019.  .

We are also short of some hosts for the Rotarians visiting our District - can you help? see the relevant dates below.

Mumbai, India

Our exchange team, under the leadership of DGN Jo Pawley, returned from a magical time in Mumbai, India.  They can tell stories that should make every Rotarian want to participate in an RFE programme. 

D5520, Texas/New Mexico, USA

There are eight places for people (couples/singles) left to join the visit to D5520, Texas/New Mexico over Tuesday, 11th to Tuesday, 20th September 2018. NB - this visit has had to be postponed

D9800, Melbourne, Australia

There are ten places for people (couples/singles) left to join the visit to D9800, Melbourne, Australia for 2 weeks in April 2019 (exact dates to be confirmed).

Likewise, we still need accommodation for Rotarians (3 couples and 1 single) coming from D9800, Melbourne, Australia.  They will be in D1020 over Saturday, 11th to Saturday, 25th August 2018.  If you can host for a week or the 2 weeks that would be greatly appreciated. If you can assist please contact PDG Alistair as above.


The main aims of a Rotary Friendship Exchange are:

  • An international exchange programme for Rotarians, families and friends.
  • Opportunity to experience other cultures by staying in the homes of Rotarians, visiting their Clubs and participating in the lifestyle and activities of their communities.
  • Hosted by local Rotarians.  To see a country from the perspective of those who live there.  Seeing tourist attractions and much more that the ordinary tourist will not see.
  • An opportunity to advance international understanding, fellowship and peace through visits across borders.  The privilege of hosting fellow Rotarians from abroad.
  • Open to individual Rotary members, couples, families, young and older, or groups from a single Club or neighbouring Clubs.
  • The District communicates in advance regarding format, timing and duration of the formal exchange part of each visit but with flexibility for group members to make personal additional arrangements.
  • The host District or host Rotarians plan an interesting schedule (with ample free time too!).
  • Funded by the participants:  hosts do not have a significant financial burden other than providing accommodation and some meals.  Accordingly, a cheaper stay than a normal holiday!
  • Visitors are guaranteed warm hospitality and enriching international travel experiences.
  • New friendships, a lot of adventures, fun and laughter guaranteed.