Rotary Friendship Exchange with Mumbai Rotary

I am delighted to report our District's, first for many years, CONFIRMED International Friendship Exchange with District 3141 (Mumbai, India). This is open to all members and Rotarian and non-Rotarian spouses/partners – individual travellers will also be most welcome. Earlier word of this great opportunity at minimal cost has failed to attract more than a few names and we really do need to do better if this District is to sustain any Friendship Exchange Programme.

Seeking names of those travelling out:

The dates when our party will travel to Mumbai are Friday, 2nd to Friday, 16th February 2018. The dates are selected because these are far enough away to enable almost all Rotarians to have their often busy diaries free of prior commitments thus ensuring, hopefully, a great response from Clubs/members to participate.

The dates are also in the last of the cooler months before very high summer temperatures in 2018 and avoid Easter later in April that year. Those from our District will be hosted by Rotarian families in Mumbai and this greatly reduces costs as accommodation is basically free for the two weeks. It will be possible for members to travel independently, making their own travel arrangements to best suit their needs. This also allows for members who wish to add extra days/weeks on to the actual Exchange visit to do so and to travel more widely (before and/or after the formal exchange trip) to see some of the many other cultural and historical sights that India provides.

D3141 has said it is happy to advise our members on other important sightseeing trips outwith the local area. The Mumbai members will prove to be excellent hosts for D1020 travellers because they are seasoned Exchange participants having recently had Exchanges with Sweden, Brazil, Uganda and Argentina. This will ensure that our members' time in Mumbai will be used well to visit key places with knowledgeable locals. The Mumbai Rotary District has some 5,000 members and so will be able to accommodate multiple requests from those wishing to visit.

If you as an individual or with a spouse/partner (and with other members from your own Club if you wish) want to be involved then simply drop our District's Friendship Exchange Coordinator, PDG Alistair Marquis, an email at - all Club Secretaries receiving this notice are asked to share the information with each Club member so that on-one can later complain of having missed out because they did not hear of this great opportunity for international fellowship.

Seeking names of hosts for Mumbai Rotarians:

As part of the International Friendship Exchange deal, D1020 is expected to reciprocate hosting arrangements. We will have a party of Rotarians (and spouses/partners) visiting D1020 over the period Saturday 3rd to Saturday 17th June 2017. (Note that this is a switch from earlier proposed February 2017 dates.) This means that our Indian Rotarians are coming to visit us before we go out to Mumbai.

It will be most helpful if those who want to travel out to India in 2018 can offer to act as hosts in 2017, providing accommodation and meals for an Indian couple (or more or for a single Rotarian). It will also be great if there are offers of a bed from those who are not wishing to travel to India in 2018 – the rich fellowship that is guaranteed is a highlight of such Rotary interchanges. Offers of accommodation from across District (and not just around and in Edinburgh) will be warmly welcome!  Please let the District Friendship Exchange Coordinator, PDG Alistair Marquis, know of your willingness to host in June 2017 as part of the Friendship Exchange by writing to or at 39 Bankton Drive, Murieston, Livingston, West Lothian EH54 9EH.

Help D1020 revive our involvement in the Rotary Friendship Exchange programme by getting involved in 2017 and 2018! Please do not hesitate to contact PDG Alistair if any further information is required at this juncture.