Arrangements for the Primary Schools Quiz 2017

Arrangements for the Primary School Quiz 2016 - 2017

Most arrangements are now in place for the 2016-2017 Primary School’s Quiz, last year 35 out of the District 1020 clubs taking part (or letting me know they’d taken part).  That’s an increase of 3 from the year before and I hope some more of you may decide to join in this year.

The time scales will stay much the same as last year, with Club Heats taking place any time between now and early April 2017, Area heats in April or May with the District Final on Saturday 3rd June 2017 at Carluke Lifestyles Centre.

As last year, I can supply sets of questions (and answers) for each round, so if any Club that hasn’t taken part before would now like to do so, then “help is available”.  The questions will be available in both Word and Powerpoint format so you can print questions, display them for all to see, or both.  If needs be, I can also supply a check list for organising a local heat, along with examples of certificates and other paperwork you might like to use.

Club Heats: Individual Clubs should organise these in conjunction with their local primary schools at a date and time which suits them all, any time between now and the end of March / early April 2017.  If any Club wants to make up their own questions, please do so (and send me a copy too please). The questions for this heat are almost ready, but I am waiting until early January before sending them out so I can add in some “topical” questions.  I’ve had requests for these from some clubs, with an earliest date of 31st January, so they will definitely be ready mid January at the latest.

Area Heats: These will need to be sometime between Mid April and the end of May and we need to find a volunteer in each Area to organise this, in conjunction with the AG, I’m hoping the folk who did this last year will be prepared to continue, though I still need to ask them.  For this round, I will supply a set of questions, samples of certificates, etc. for organisers to use.

District Final: This has already been booked for the Lifestyles centre in Carluke on Saturday 3rd June 2017. Two teams from each Area will be invited to attend, so we can have another lively day involving 12 teams, 48 youngsters with many parents and other supporters too and a great chance to showcase Rotary and what we do.

So, there are the basic details as they are so far.  Hopefully, there is enough there for Clubs to start the process of organising their own round and encouraging their local schools to join in.
Jim McPherson