£40,000.00 Raised

Cancer Charity nets £40,000 after "brilliant" District support

TO merely describe our cycling event in aid of Prostate Scotland as a “success,” is a five figure understatement!
 For after a lot of tireless pedalling, mainly on Father’s Day, and often in pouring rain, we managed to raise £40,000!
 District 1010’s Rotary clubs in an area stretching from Shetland to the Central Belt and from Stornoway to Peterhead,  organised their own pedalling activities both on Sunday June 21 and over that weekend,  part of  a much larger event throughout Scotland and Great Britain and Ireland.
 No one knew how successful our own District’s bid to help vital charity Prostate Scotland would be.
 Rotary’s then District Governor for Northern Scotland, Keith Hopkins,  had launched a special plea for everyone possible to join in and “help to make history ” as the event approached.
 He wanted the event to both raise awareness of prostate cancer and to raise funds into research of this disease And his request was answered by a heartfelt and energetic response from our district pedallers.In other words, it was Rotary at its best, he said.
“The total raised for Prostate Scotland was £40,000, which is brilliant .This was a great effort from all concerned,” Keith went on.
 He added: “Nearly 2000 people on bikes and static bikes took part, either on Father’s Day or over the weekend.
“More than 250 Rotarians of all ages from this District rode a bike that weekend, nearly 10% of District membership.
”In total they rode over 30,000 kilometres.
“A total of 56 out of 88 clubs in the District took part-two thirds of our clubs-which was a great effort.”
The event was set against the grim statistic that across the UK, every hour one man dies from prostate cancer.  And many clubs in the District   joined up with their neighbouring clubs to ride from their club to the next one to make this outpouring of support as meaningful as possible.
       And this way, participants also bridged the gap between islands, for example between Lewis and Skye and Shetland and Orkney, with a little help from ferries!  For example, there were Orkney Rotarians on the ferries linking South Ronaldsay and the Orkney mainland to Scrabster to liaise with Thurso Club members.Meanwhile, Keith says he has had a barrowload of positive feedback from clubs who enjoyed the experience!

Here is just some of the reaction from a number of clubs’ spokesmen:

•    ”This was a great event, it truly galvanised this club and enthused even those who are difficult to enthuse. Must have it again, please!”
•    “It made a tremendous difference to my year as club president. Our cycle events today were regarded by all who took part or were otherwise involved, as a great success with several enquiries as to whether we will repeat it next year!”
•    “I estimate that 75% of the Club membership, plus their partners, were involved, and surprisingly, appear to have enjoyed it!!! Of those not involved this was simply due to holidays, previous commitments (The Highland Show) or age.”
•    “Not part of any other event but Wheelers keen to do something similar with us next year”.
•    “We used the Bike for Life as a Rotary Day, introducing the work of Stornoway Rotary Club and the Nicolson Interact Club to the public. We had a great day!”
•    “We had the ability to connect with businesses and get so many other organisations involved.”
•    “Great team effort, in terms of joint working /planning involving three Rotary Clubs”.
•    “It gave us the ability to meet new, younger, potential Rotarians as we met so many new people who were interested in what we were doing. Must follow up.”
•    “In my opinion a very constructive exercise!”
•    “Although all three clubs were a bit disappointed with the amount of money we raised directly we were all pleased to have worked together and to have significantly raised the profile of Rotary and awareness of Prostate Scotland.”
•    “Very enjoyable event. Those taking part want to do another social bike run”.
•    “Had sore bum”.
•    “Good fun, good publicity, useful donation to Prostate cancer”.
•    “Unfortunately many members were on holiday or at weddings and we could not get a full team to cycle. However, overall I am delighted we managed to raise so much.”
•    “Had a great time, thanks to sponsors”.
•    “A good time was enjoyed by all who took part”.
•    “A fantastic day enjoyed by all.”
•    “It was a great day. We had a lot of fun, raised money and I hope importantly raised awareness for Prostate Scotland.”
•    “As awareness was the main purpose of the weekend we were delighted with the number of leaflets which we distributed at the two locations.”
•    “A good event that I am sure can be improved upon by us as a club in the future, now that we have the experience.”
•    “Great time had by all participants. Together with riders and logistics support, 70% of club members participated in the two day event.”
•    “Should be repeated on an annual basis.”
•    “No use made of the defibrillator pack!”
•    “Our riders were offered refreshments on arrival, and they also checked off our riders’ names for safety purposes. The eight Rotary cyclists were all in their sixties, and did superbly well in extremely wet conditions.”
•    “Great fellowship day even though we got wet a couple of times.”
•    “Great day for club and community.”

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