St Andrews Rotaract Club AGM

Office bearers for 2015-2016 were elected by secret voting after nominations had been received from the 43 members of the Club.

Board positions for 2015-2016 were voted as follows:

President - Fedor Pankratov

Vice President - Keertna Sapra

Secretary - Georgyi Yushchenko

Treasurer - Anna Udartseva

Certificates of congratulations to each of the above were presented by Past President Anastasiya Belyaeva who had designed them.

Photos of members present were taken by Anna.

It was also decided to donate £150 from funds raised to the School for Abandoned Girls in India which Keertna's grandfather is involved with.

It is hoped that many of the present members will encourage new members to join the Club in September at the start of the autumn semester.

Good Luck with exams and Happy Holidays

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