A Song to help End Polio

Through the Centuries

Through the Centuries

A Song to help Polio Eradication

Please listen and download to raise funds for polio ...read more for details. Many thanks.
This song was written to help promote the work of Rotary International in the continuing effort to completely eradicate polio worldwide.  Polio has been 99% eradicated and the final push is on to finish the task.  This brand new song, with your support, could help us in the final push towards the eradication of Polio.
An emerging band called Mashville with members from the Rotary Club of Canterbury Sunrise in D1120, have released their first album which contains a special track called 'Through the Centuries' all about Rotary and our fight for the eradication of Polio.  
You can listen to the track and watch the video on You Tube below.  Lyrics click here.
It is catchy; it is thought provoking; it is potential gold for the end polio cause.

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