Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

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Shelter Box
Clubs in District 1190 have supported  the Shelter box scheme. Boxes currently cost £590.

There is also significant support for Aquabox   which can now contains the modern Aqua filter devices using membranes. Aquaboxes can be provided in a number of different ways.  Boxes from £120.



Disaster Aid UK & Ireland
Disaster Aid UK & Ireland now offers the opportunity to help rebuild shattered lives through the provision of vital emergency shelter and survival systems to family units.  When disasters occur there are four immediate needs £ meeting them enhances chances of survival significantly. These are drinking water; shelter; food; and protection from the elements.  Disaster aid provides family survival kits with a tent to sleep 8 people.  Life Box is designed to help family of 4 and a baby to start again after losing all material possessions.  A variety of boxes are available from £250, up to a School Station at £1600.


Water Survival Box
A project of the Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge. These boxes at £150 each contain domestic equipment for a family and a water purification box, similar to Shelter box but with a tarpaulin rather than a tent for shelter.  There is also a  multipack which provides 5 water treatment boxes but no other equipment at £350.

Water Survival Box