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Safeguarding – Protection Policy

(March 2016 update)

Advice from the District Protection Officer is available by contacting John Mallalieu, by clicking here or by using the form below. 

Safeguarding Guidance was updated in November 2015 replacing the RIBI Protection Policy of April 2007.  This is available on the RIBI Members only site (Club & District Support/Compliance/Safeguarding).

Useful advice regarding Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) checks (Process and procedures) is given at page 16 and there are further links to the DBS website to help those seeking checks.  Model policies for Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults can be found.

The following documents are available on the RIBI website:

Protection policy useful documents

  • Safeguarding Policy (Children)
  • Safeguarding Policy (Vulnerable Adults)
  • 2015 Safeguarding Guidance Manual – Issue 2
  • 2015 Safeguarding Guidance Manual – Supplement for Scotland
  • Appendix A – Definition of terms
  • Appendix B – Code of behaviour
  • Appendix C – Risk assessment
  • Appendix D – Involving parents, carers, children and vulnerable adults as partners
  • Appendix E - Policy on secure handling, retention and disposal of DBS check information – for adoption by Districts and Club
  • Appendix F – Photography of children and vulnerable adults at Rotary events
  • Appendix G – Safeguarding requirements for specific Rotary activities – Youth Exchange and related activities
  • Appendix H – Insurance and legal arrangements
  • Appendix I – Forms and signs of abuse
  • Appendix J – Dealing with complaints, accusations and whistle-blowing
  • Appendix K – District safeguarding check list
  • Appendix L – Club safeguarding check list
  • Appendix M – FAQs Regarding Compliance Forms and Popular Myths Regarding Abuse
  • Appendix N – Safeguarding Guidance – Supplement for Scotland
  • Appendix O – Useful contact names, addresses and other details
  • Form A – Referral form for suspicions or allegations of child or vulnerable adult abuse
  • Form B – Consent form for the use of photographs film or video of children or vulnerable adults
  • Child Protection – Advice for Christmas Activities
  • Risk Assessment Form

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