Youth Speaks

District Final: Winning Teams & Individuals

Rotary Youth Speaks 2018-2019

Results of the Rotary Youth Speaks 2018-19 Regional Final

Held at Catrin Finch Centre, Glyndwr University on the 23rd March 2019

Intermediate Winners
Tytherington High School
Should 16 year olds be eligible to vote?
Macclesfield Castle
MC's choice:
Best Chair: Rhys Curwen, Hutton Grammar School
Best Speaker: Carmen Aitken, Wilmslow High School
Best VoT: Emily Doran, Dallam School

Senior Winners
Funding for disabilities is unfair and unjust.
MC's choice:
Best Chair: Farah Khan, Falinge Park High School
Best Speaker: Marcus Grogan, Austin Friars
Best VoT: Harriet Hurst, St Brigids


Results of the Rotary Youth Speaks 2018-19 District Final

Here are the results of this years Youth Speaks District Final

The results:


Winners: Dallam School Milnthorpe
Chair: Erin Lewis-Lennon
Speaker: Hannah Bradshaw
VoT: Emily Doran
Subject: Gender equality in sports at school.
Sponsored by: R.C of Kendal South Westmorland
Runners up: Hutton Grammar School
Chair: Rhys Curwen
Speaker: Joseph Cains
VoT: Benjamin Harmel
Subject: MPs have people lost trust in them?
Sponsored by: R.C of South Ribble


Winners: Austin Friars, Carlisle
Chair: Harvey Roberts
Speaker: Marcus Grogan
VoT: Megan le Brocq
Subject: Freedom of Speech.
Sponsored by: R.C of Carlisle
Runners up: Queen Elizabeth School
Chair: Aidan Kuhlman
Speaker: Joseph Cryan
VoT: Erin Dinnen
Subject: Does the legend of Oliver Cromwell need de-mythologising.
Sponsored by: R.C Kendal South Westmorland