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Rotary International has drastically updated their website ... it offers more to members and to the public to promote Rotary positively. There is a dedicated section for members called "My Rotary".

All you need to do is to re-register >>here<< to enjoy the benefits.

To understand why there is a need to re-register >>click here<<

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"In the promotion of understanding, it is important to reach large numbers, non-Rotarians as well as Rotarians, and you cannot reach large numbers privately." - Paul Harris

Our primary purpose is to serve those involved at club level in all forms of communications whether its:

  • dealing with the media and writing press releases
  • promoting your club to the public and prospective new members
  • keeping your club's PRO informed on marketing issues
  • advise on your own websites
  • accessing useful marketing and public relations information downloads from the RIBI website and the 1080  website

To help achieve some of these things we:

  • publish twice a year Rotary East - a magazine expressly meant to help clubs promote Rotary
  • publish 1080 news - a magazine aimed at Rotarians with district information relevant to them
  • maintain the district website - geared to provide information for club members and officers
  • organise training sessions for club PROs and Webmasters
  • As appropriate, issue district press releases

Please contact us for advice and help


Effective Public Relations: A guide for Rotary Clubs  - click to download pdf

Public Relations Information for Clubs - Link to RI

 Rotary PR Tips e- newsletter -  Sign up today

"Are you ready for the future" video on the e-marketing landscape ....

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