Coram Life Education Centres use interactive mobile classrooms to teach positive health messages to school children to help them make smart choices as young people.

Life Education Centres Thames Valley  is a recognised delivery partner of Coram Life Education, the UK's leading health and drug education school programme, helping children to make healthy choices, including staying safe on the internet.

The programme has been created by child development experts and is delivered by qualified educators in specially-designed mobile classrooms. Life Education sessions are stimuli-rich and interactive, using puppetry, role play and film clips to capture children's imaginations and develop critical thinking and risk management skills. Sessions feature the much-loved puppet, Harold the Giraffe and his friends who help introduce and explore issues and emotions through fun, interactive and age-specific activities..

Life Education works with parents, carers, teachers and other community figures to communicate healthy lifestyle messages.

Funding: the principal source of funding comes from schools who are charged for a classroom visit. However, schools are finding it increasingly difficult to afford the full cost. Continued support from local Rotary Clubs, who contribute financially, provide volunteers, help with maintenance of classrooms and encourage schools to participate is much valued.

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