Haiti Six Months On

Brendan Gormley, the CEO of the Disaster Emergency Committee, gave the Rotary Club of Chipping Norton an update on how Haiti has fared since the appalling earthquake 6 months ago.

CEO of the Disaster Emergency Committee gives update on Haiti

Much of Port-au-Prince remains in ruins, and there has been little clearing or rebuilding yet.  However, the immediate emergency is over and although over 220,000 people died, 180,000homes were damaged or destroyed and 1.5 million were made homeless, the population is now in relative safety, even though under canvas and temporary homes and many are in better condition than before with access to clean toilets and running water.  Brendan showed a short film of his visit to the country in June to highlight the current state of affairs, and ShelterBox tents were clearly in evidence.

The DEC, which is the coordinating fund raiser for 14 major UK charities in times of extreme crisis, has raised