High Wycombe bring Christmas cheer

High Wycombe's magnificent Reindeer get their first outing with Santa in Hazlemere

Magnificent Reindeer get their first outing with Santa in Hazlemere

Santa is a member of the Rotary Club of Lapland and comes over to stay with Rod Barber for a couple of weeks in December before his rush starts. We profit from his stay by taking him on a tour of Hazlemere. In a new sleigh, designed by Enzo Ferrari he gets towed from house to house to show off to the children and adults. A collection is made and the funds are donated to charities operating in the local community. 

All the smiling and waving children at the doorways and windows made it a very special moment. It's amazing to hear so many people say how much they look forward to seeing Santa and they give so generously.

Shoe box collections

Rotary runs a scheme that ships boxes containing toys, clothes and scarce materials to desperately poor children and the elderly in Eastern Europe. The Club coordinates the distribution and collection of boxes to Schools and other Community organisations in the locality.

The children of Highworth Primary School in Totteridge filled 34 shoe boxes destined for the children of Eastern Europe Wycombe Royal Grammar School needed a 'bucket brigade' to load their huge pile of Shoe boxes into the van that would deliver them to Rotarian Arthur Winning.

A spectacular effort

High Wycombe Rotary continue to support Vision Aid Overseas with an ongoing spectacles collection. Rotarian PJ Brion has collected over 1250 glasses donated by the people of High Wycombe. These glasses are sorted and graded by UK prisons before being sent to Vision Aid Overseas to make a real difference to people's lives.

Rotary Club of High Wycombe