District Training Assembly

District Training Assembly for the Rotary Year 2016-17

This is a very important day in the District calendar and a great opportunity for all Rotarians to come together to network, gain increased knowledge and discover new ideas for the benefit of their Club.

From new Rotarians through to the most experienced Treasurer there is something for all. The programme is very comprehensive and is listed below. You will see there are a number of extremely useful morning sessions and also the very informative and interactive Grants Fair.

The House of Friendship will be the ideal location to meet old friends and find new ones – a variety of stalls to visit, tea/coffee available at £1.00 and at lunch-time (12.30 - 1.30) buy ready-made sandwich platters. I can advise that there are still spaces if your Club or a linked charity would like a free stall in the House of Friendship. .

Then, in the main theatre, at 1.30 pm DGE Olive will welcome everyone at the formal plenary session with “Rotary Serving Humanity” and information about marking the Rotary Foundation Centenary before District Officers and Chairs lead everyone to the various afternoon sessions as detailed in the programme. Remember, there are, for most roles, two sessions so you have the opportunity to cover two different topics and gain double the benefits.

DGE Olive looks forward to seeing you at Inveralmond Community High School, Willowbank, Ladywell, Livingston EH54 6HW for a great Rotary day.

If you have any queries please do get in touch.

Ken Robertson
District LDTC Chair
H : 01236 738051
M : 0785 7646699
Email : kennethja.robertson@gmail.com


Morning Workshops

11.00 – 12.30 GRANTS FAIR – Kate Keter
11.00 COMPLIANCE – Phil Ratcliffe
11.00 SOCIAL MEDIA – Archie Ralston
11.00 PRESIDENTS-ELECT 2016/17 (MISSED PEPS 1 & 2) – Olive Geddes
11.00 PRESIDENTS-ELECT 2017/18 - Lindsay Craig
11.30 NEW ROTARIANS – Theresa Douglas/Ian Mclean 

The House of friendship is open in the central area from 11.00 am onwards

Lunch 12.30 to 13.30. Tea/coffee will be available to buy throughout the morning and lunch will be available to purchase from 12.30

13.30 Formal welcome & opening remarks by DGE Olive

where she will outline her programme and priorities for the year and will promote “Rotary Serving Humanity” and The Rotary Foundation centenary plans.

Afternoon breakout sessions 

Most sessions are run twice to allow members to attend more than one 

14.15 to 15.05 CURRENT PRESIDENTS – Andy Ireland
to 15.05 & 15.15 to 16.05 MEMBERSHIP – Duncan Collinson
to 15.05 & 15.15 to 16.05 MKTG,PR & COMMS – Peter Croan
to 15.05 & 15.15 to 16.05 FOUNDATION – Alasdair Seale
to 15.05 & 15.15 to 16.05 INTERNATIONAL – Frank Clark
to 15.05 & 15.15 to 16.05 COMMUNITY & VOC. – Elaine O’Brien
to 15.05 & 15.15 to 16.05 YOUTH SERVICE – Ken MacKenzie
to 15.05 & 15.15 to 16.05 TREASURERS – Alan Hall
to 16.05 (one session) SECRETARIES – Thom Riddell

There is no final plenary session.

Details of breakout sessions

14.15 TO 15. 05 CURRENT PRESIDENTS – Andy Ireland
DG Andy will be hosting this session with current Presidents to review progress, developments and highlight successes Clubs have achieved during the year.

14.15 TO 15.05 & 15.15 TO 16.05 MEMBERSHIP – Duncan Collinson
Membership Chair Duncan will be hosting two sessions on how he and his team can support Clubs to retain and recruit members with new and innovative ideas.

14.15 TO 15.05 & 15.00 TO 16.05 MARKETING, P.R. & COMMS – Peter Croan
Marketing, PR & Comms Chair Peter will lead two sessions to help Clubs raise the profile and image of Rotary and to explore a variety of useful media to do so.

14.15 TO 15.05 & 15.15 TO 16.05 FOUNDATION – Alasdair Seale
District Foundation Chair Alasdair will be will be running two workshops covering a variety of
projects, funding and collaborative topics for Clubs

14.15 TO 15.05 & 15.15 TO 16.05 INTERNATIONAL – Frank Clark
International Chair Frank will host two sessions to see how Clubs would like to be supported with their International activities and projects in the coming year.

14.15 TO 15.05 & 15.15 TO 16.05 COMMUNITY & VOC. – Elaine O’Brien
Comm Voc Chair Elaine and her Team will be running two sessions focused on supporting Clubs with their existing activities and encouraging collaborations across the District.

14.15 TO 15.05 & 15.15 TO 16.05 YOUTH SERVICE – Ken MacKenzie
Youth Services Chair will be running two seminars featuring a wide variety of activities designed to help Clubs be involved with young people of all ages in their local community.

14.15 TO 16.05 SECRETARIES – Thom Riddell
Secretary Thom will run one session featuring a wide range of administrative and policy matters.

14.15 TO 15.05 & 15.15 TO 16.05 TREASURERS – Alan Hall
Treasurer Alan will run two session aimed at supporting Club financial and budgeting activities