Santa's Sleigh 2019

Santa will be out and about visiting the children of Doncaster and giving out free lollipops. Come and see us and say hello to Santa.

We will soon be out and about helping Santa to visit the children of Doncaster. If you want to know when we will be in your area then all of our routes are listed below.

Route details:

Sunday 15th, Balby, ROADS - Greenfield, Earlesmere, St John's, Albany, Florence. Alexandra, King Edward, Victoria, Westfield, Carr View, Clarence, Scarth, St Catherine's, Carr Hill.

Monday 16th, Bennetthorpe & Belle Vue, ROADS - Alderson, Manor, Granby, Franklin, Sandbeck, Belle Vue Av, St Anne's, St Ursula's, St Hilda's, St Agnes’, St Cecila's, St Helen's, St Margaret's.

Tuesday 17th, Intake / Wheatley, ROADS - Rowan Mount, Oakhill, Sandall Rise, Adlard, Clifton, Sandcliffe, Bruce, Abingdon, Malton, Wicklow, Dargle, Arklow, Dublin.

Wednesday 18th, Town Moor, ROADS - Zetland, Dunleary, Dublin, Lakeen, Ardeen, Plunket, Craithie, Imperial, Rockingham, Marlborough, Hampton, Glamis, Avondale, Harewood.

Thursday 19th, Wheatley Hills, ROADS - Sandall Park, Greenleafe, Lowfield, Linkswood, Boundary, Masefield, Hill Top, Chestnut, Oakhill, Central Boulevard, Thornhill, The Grove.

Friday 20th, Wheatley, ROADS - Wentworth, Ferrers, Norborough, Lifford, Raby, Morley, Rockingham, Stafford, Woodhouse, Drake, Hardy, Dundas, Hawke, Woodhouse.