Sensory Garden Haverstoe Park Cleethorpes.

Thu 4th July 2019 at 17.25 - Sun 4th August 2019 - 18.25

The garden in full bloom

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Sensory Garden Haverstoe Park Cleethorpes.

wide open lawns and plenty of space, Haverstoe Park is a popular area for families.

Opened in the Jubilee year of 1977, one of its main features is a sensory garden standing on the front car park.

In June 2018 we cleared the garden, then day two replant the garden and bring it back to its former glory and you can see from the pictures we succeeded the Garden is absolute stunning.

Sensory Garden Haverstoe Park Cleethorpes.

In 1976 Cleethorpes Rotary Club proposed to the local authority the construction of a sensory Garden in the recently opened Haverstoe Park Cleethorpes. The authority gave it its full backing and with advice from the local branch of the Royal National Institute for the Blind and with sponsorship from local companies, the garden was duly planted in a way which would appeal to those with any sensory deprivation.

In a spirit of optimism rather than any real expectation, the club secretary wrote to Buckingham Palace to see if there was any chance of a royal presence at the opening. He was staggered but delighted to be told that Her Majesty the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were visiting the area on the 12th July 1977 as part of their Silver Jubilee Celebrations, and would be available to open the garden.

Accordingly on the 12th July 1977 the Queen accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, Rotary Club President Eric Darnell and other local dignitaries, was greeted by a large and enthusiastic crowd. She duly declared the Garden open and was apparently delighted with it.

Since 1977 there have been a number of refurbishments but in 2017 the Community and Vocational Committee of Cleethorpes Rotary Club decided that as it was very overgrown the garden needed total renovation. With the aid of a local community group of young people substantial pruning was carried out with a view to replanting later in the year. An application was made to Tesco for support and was rewarded with a grant of £1000. In June with the aid of Ross Carrick a local radio presenter and horticulturalist and with sponsorship from Pennell’s Garden Centre, the whole Garden was replanted by club members and friends.

Unfortunately 2018 was one of the hottest and driest summers on record, and there was no running water available within fifty yards. Herculean efforts by local Rotarians and the use of a long hosepipe and a local neighbour’s water supply enabled the plants to survive and flourish.

The garden has been much admired and hopefully will continue to thrive and be enjoyed by the community.