A day at Petty Pool

Thanks to Rotary Club of Sandbach, few members of Sandbach Scouts spent a day in Petty Pool Outdoor Education Centre.

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for Sandbach Scouts

Sponsored by Rotary Club of Sandbach and Rotary District, Sandbach Scouts spent a day of outdoor climbing activity at Petty Pool Outdoor Education Centre at Sandiway on 9th March 2019.

8 Scouts and 8 Guides were able to take up this opportunity accompanied by 2 Leaders.

The day began with an introduction talk by the centre staff (Lee and Andy), detailing what the day would entail. Three climbing activities, lunch and if possible Den building as well.

The Scouts started their adventures on the climbing wall; a number had climbed before but only on indoor walls. One of the Leaders, being an experienced bilayer, took charge of one of the climbing ropes, while Andy helped the Scouts take it in turns to belay and climb on the other rope.

Many of the Scouts managed to reach the top of the wall and squeak the chicken, while all of the Scouts pushed themselves to achieve slightly better than they thought they could.

Moving onto the Crate Stacking, the Scouts were split into two teams and had to compete against each other to see who could build the towers and get their team higher the quickest. This was a really good Team Building exercise which all the Scouts participated in wonderfully, and is the basis of Scouting.

The Gladiator Challenge proved to be more difficult, but again showed that Scouts working together can achieve a better result than working alone. All the Scouts pushed themselves to their limits and achieved really good results, whether that was getting to the top or just getting to the second set of climbing obstacles.

I believe each and every Scout felt proud of their achievement.

Our final activity, of the day, was Den Building, which saw the Scout divide into three teams. After the build period of time Lee wanted to see if their Dens would be waterproof. To find out he threw a bucket of water at each Den. I just want to let you know, I personally would NOT stay in any of the dens as all the Scouts got wet!

Leaving the day behind, EVERY SCOUT had a smile on their face

Thank you Rotary Club of Sandbach for an amazing day. The Scouts and Leaders had a brilliant time as the pictures show

Lise Grasmeder (Assistant Scout Leader, 39th SWC Sandbach)