Oasis Relief Zambia

We sent £150 to help this organisation provide clean water to villages in Zambia

Oasis Relief Zambia

Oasis Relief Zambia is a small charity that has worked in Zambia for the past eleven years. Each autumn a small team travel out at their own expense to bore holes that provide safe clean water, and also to check on those already established. To date they have sunk 25 boreholes, which has benefitted 30,000 individuals.

Each borehole costs about £1,400. They have manual pumps as these cost less and also some villges do not have electricity. The charity also supports three schools in Zambia, seeing education as a way forward out of poverty.

This month we were delighted to contribute £150 towards their work. It's a small amount for them as our club has only just started fund raising, but it might be possible to continue to support them as we grow ourselves.

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