Students from across Leicestershire and Lincolnshire gather for a battle of words!

The Rotary Club of Britain and Ireland (RIBI) sponsored the District semi-finals of their public speaking competition, Youth Speaks, at Beauchamp College on Saturday 2nd February. The College had four teams who qualified for this round: two Intermediate and two Senior. Each team comprising of three students: a Chairperson, a Speaker and a Vote of Thanks, who battled it out through the day following a strict code of conduct and covering a wide variety of topics from plastic pollution to quantum mechanics!

All the teams fought a hard battle and competition was fierce, but the Rotary Club of Oadby Launde were delighted that their sponsored Senior team were successful in qualifying for the District Finals, to be held at the Uppingham Community College on Saturday 16th March.

We wish them luck! 

The successful Senior team sponsored by RCOL

Imran Ahmed (speaker), Alexander Tyukin (Chairman) and Abdullah Abbasi (vote of thanks)

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