In Godiva's Footsteps - Phil Tutchings

The many connections with Binley Road.

We were pleased to welcome to Coventry North Rotary Club on 22nd  January 2019, Phil Tutchings, to speak about historic local events associated with Binley Road  The Rotary ladies and friends had been invited. Phil began speaking about local walks with historical backgrounds, links to the Craven family who lived at Coombe Abbey until the early nineteen twenties. Looking at the local area, we have the Craven Arms and Binley Church at one end of the Binley Road, with the Jabbett Ash tree, at the other, which marked the old City boundary. There was the Coventry Race Track (now long gone), situated within the area between Marlborough Road and Brays Lane. This is where the Craven family raced their horses in the past. Phil told us about so many other snippets of information that the lunchtime passed very quickly. Rotarian Brian Sharp thanked the speaker for his very interesting talk and the President presented Phil with a cheque for his charity.Brian Sharp took the photographs.