£3000 each to the local Dingwall Alzheimers Group and to the Dingwall Hydrotherapy Unit (The Puffin Pool}

The very successful two events this year raised money enough money to enable us to give £3000 each to the Dingwall Alzheimers Group andto the  Dingwall Hudrotharapy Pool (the Puffin Pool).

The event demands a great deal of organisation and effort leading up to the day and during the event on the day. We are grateful to all the Rotarians who were involved throughout and they deserve our unqualified thanks.  But even so we couldn't have  raised this kind of sum for the two charities without the participation  of yourselves, the Walkers and the Runners. Many thanks to you and please rest assured that other local causes will also benefit throughout the year.   We look forward to seeiing you again next June and of you can bring along family and friends we will be in your debt once again.


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