Rotary Shoeboxes 2018

Thu 15th November 2018 at 13.45 - 17.45

Rotary Shoeboxes 2018

Schools Fill Rotary Shoe Boxes


Once again, members of the Bridge of Allan and Dunblane Rotary Club visited local schools to collect the Rotary shoeboxes that pupils had filled with gifts and much-needed household materials for people living in severely deprived areas of Eastern Europe. Shoeboxes are distributed by Rotary clubs each year to schools, youth groups and other organisations throughout the United Kingdom.  

Following collection by Rotary clubs in the area, the shoeboxes are brought to a distribution point in Perth. They are then taken to the national distribution centre in Preston to be transported to Eastern European countries. Currently, some 50,000 boxes each year are sent to countries including Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, Albania, Moldova. Since the start of the scheme, well over one million Rotary shoeboxes have been delivered to those in greatest need.

Local organiser Graham Russell said that he was very pleased with the enthusiastic response received.  “Young people here have recognised the harsh conditions under which so many people in eastern Europe have to live.  Shoeboxes are an opportunity to make some difference to the lives of those people