Another visit

Every year our fellowship team arrange a number of visits to places of interest. These visits not only create good fellowship but also are very educational.

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Metal recycling


A very interesting visit

 In September, President Andy Wilkie was joined by few Rotarians and guests for a visit to Sims Metal Management in Ardwick, Manchester.

The company is the world's leading electronics and metal recycling company. They are global leaders in the secure and sustainable management of metals from industry, trade and the wider community. Sims has an annual turnover of 6.5 billion AUD (£1.2bn GBP) with 250 sites worldwide - 50 of them in the UK.

The company resources and recycles 2 million tonnes of scrap metal a year in the UK turning vehicles, machinery, building materials and domestic items into useful materials that can be re-used in manufacturing new products

We were greeted by Robert Price, National Works Contract Manager, and Emma Hughes, Communications Manager for the company and they kindly supplied us with tea and iced buns while Robert gave us a short talk on the company and the Ardwick site.

After the tea and talk Robert and Emma set us all a little task to perform - probably to check whether we were awake – and they had a little glass dish full of a copper coloured granules and we were asked to estimate, based on information supplied throughout the visit, the value of the contents.

Equipped with hard hats, high-vis jackets and steel-capped boots the group walked around the site with the site manager John Bissett and saw the following: aluminium, stainless steel, clean copper tube, copper granules, copper cable, various grades of brass, steel swarf, electric motors, light iron & various other materials, Machinery Material Scrap Handlers (360 cranes), weighbridges, a container-lifter (for loading export containers) and a man with a broom.

Following our tour, Robert and Emma supplied some lunch and a short film about Sims’s history and Richard and Ross won bottles of champagne with the copper granules competition.

President Andy, who had organised the visit, thanked Robert and Emma and all at the Ardwick site for their very interesting tour and their generous hospitality… not to mention the very generous prizes, which Richard has kindly donated to future Rotary events.

Andy Wilkie