As part of our Fellowship activities our Fellowship Chairman organised a pairs competition on 24th October. This is his report.

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Snookered again


Good news! Since the Holmes Chapel Club wound up we have been fortunate in recruiting three of their members. One of them is Ken Beresford, owner of the snooker emporium on Congleton Road which also happens to house the Beresford Museum of motor transport so dear to Ken’s heart.

It is no longer a case of Sandbach versus Holmes Chapel, so we had a two-man team competition in which six pairs fought to find our Club Champions. The pairings were drawn on the night, and the two pairs with the most wins in their knockout group comprised Dave Lewis/Tim Walmsley and Dennis Bell/Dave Barringer.

Before the final we enjoyed the traditional fish, chips and peas (mushy and otherwise) organised by our host and much appreciated.

During the proceedings, it was evident that many were rusty from the long lay-off since our last game, and “penalties” were once again plentiful and the determining factor in some matches. But fun and fellowship was excellent.

The winners and Club champions are ferocious Dennis Bell and determined Dave Barringer whose reward was a mention at the last club meeting, the promise of more publicity in Crosstalk, and wider fame on our website. Meanwhile, each received a bottle of beer as their prize (possibly out of date according to one sage).

Our heartfelt thanks to Ken for his hospitality and to all those who participated enthusiastically to make the event a success. In turn, Ken thanked the attendees for gracing his “den” and was pleased to see the real fellowship which comes from such events.

Bill Coupe (Fellowship Chairman)