.......Life and times .......... July 18 to June 19

A brief summary of the clubs activities by Statler (aka J Doyle).

The Life and Times of the Rotary Club of Bradford May and June 2019

So we reach the end of what turns out to be the first half of President Chris’s two year period of the Presidency. We wish him and Kay well and look forward to 12 more of his entertaining President’s reports. We also wish Paul Moss and Gina well now that Paul has had to withdraw from the Presidency for health reasons.

Our year end was tragically overshadowed by the death of Keith Bennett after a short illness. He was a pillar of the club, a ‘can-do’ Rotarian. A problem had only to be presented to him and it was sorted out in no time. Many deserved tributes have been paid to his memory and of course deepest sympathy to Tina, his wife. Tina is due to take over as President for 2020 to 2021 and, whatever else, she can be certain of massive support.

Despite this loss, our club continues with our activities as Keith would have wished. One of the last outings he organised was a visit by a group of members to the Media Museum. They were given the public tour and additionally taken behind the scenes to see memorable old photographs and early TV sets. To some of our members far too fresh in the memory. Remembering clearly that we managed happily with nine inch screens and black and white programmes. Cue ‘Better than the rubbish we have nowadays’.

On the weekend of June 1st and 2nd we had another charity collection at Asda raising over £500 for good causes. It demonstrated, yet again, the generosity of the British public.

On the 3rd May we were privileged to have as our speaker our Lord Mayor Councillor Zafar Ali who gave us an account of his year in office. Other weekly topics were many and varied, thanks to Baldev. Our own new member Salthish Babu gave his ‘My job talk’. An unusual idea arranged by secretary Martin and Geoff Kenure was a series of impromptu contributions by members on their childhood idol. Interesting nominations came up including, inevitably, a couple of cricketers, Jim Laker, and Fred ‘Pin them to the bloody sightscreen’ Trueman.

At the end of June President Chris was due to give his farewell but, as he is not going this was no longer applicable. Geoff Kenure gamely stepped up and , without a note, gave us a fascinating talk about the ship ‘Beagle’. Famous, among other things, for carrying Charles Darwin on his expedition.

In case we were enjoying ourselves too much we had two official business meetings, our Annual General Meeting and our Club Assembly. The A.G.M is a report on what we have done in the past year, and the Assembly narrates what we hope to do in the coming year.

As I write this we are eagerly looking forward to the 6th July when our own Manoj steps into the role of District Governor. It should be quite an event.

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The Life and Times of the Rotary Club of Bradford – March and April 2019

We have reached the time of year when President Chris should be looking to the finishing line after a year of hard work and black tie dinners. The work and dinners are correct but not the finish just yet. Our President Elect Paul Moss sadly, has had to withdraw for health reasons. We wish him and Gina the very best of luck. President Chris has generously offered to step into the breach and take on another year. It is not without precedent. Our founding President, Charles Ogden did two years on the trot. That was only 96 years ago. That is even beyond my memory.

On the 15th March, we celebrated our 97th anniversary at our charter lunch. Our distinguished speaker was Deputy Lord Lieutenant Stan Hardy who gave an inspirational address to a packed audience. Our charter lunch is always very popular. Possibly because it takes place at midday and you don’t have to clamber into a dinner jacket.

As usual we have also had a succession of interesting speakers at our meetings. Nick Quinn told us about the Yorkshire Building Society and their ethical approach to business. Alexander Berry talked about the beautiful cathedral music which we experience first-hand every December at our carol service. Our own member Tariq Shah gave us an update on his wonderful work with Healthcare for All. Fozzie Bear, the stage name of Phillip Sharp was his usual amusing self, reminiscing about TV comedy. Baldev, the man behind the scenes in organising our speakers, stepped forward to give us a fascinating talk about Sikhism. Another interesting speaker was Sheila Wainwright, the President of the Rotary Club of Wakefield. Sheila gave us a graphic account of her experiences of the sufferings with dementia of her late husband. She also showed us one of her lifesize robotic cat toys which purr, meow, and roll over. These have proved beneficial with dementia patients. We bought one at £100 for Norwood nursing home and Sheila donated another one at no cost.

Our social calendar continued with a successful quiz night on the 20th March. Successful for those that won that is, but we all enjoyed it. These evenings are a very pleasant occasion. Really modest expenditure and a lot of enjoyable Rotary fellowship.

On the 16th April we had a visit to the Bradford police museum. Possibly nostalgic for President Chris who experienced the sharp end in his police service. The visit was followed by a meal at Napoleon’s Casino. I have no knowledge of the success or failure of any gambling but all those attending were able to pay for their lunch at the following meeting.

With the help of members John Guest and Alan Rogers, the two Interact Clubs at Bradford Grammar and Carlton Bolling continue to thrive. Not only to they raise serious amounts of money for charity but they are also involved in practical work such as organising interest afternoons for elderly people. Hopefully, they are encouraging the attitude of service which is the bedrock of Rotary, and enjoying themselves as well.

A milestone for our club this year is when our own distinguished member Manoj Joshi takes on the task of District Rotary Governor for the year 2019/2020. The actual handover will happen on the 6th July at the Aagrah Midpoint restaurant Thornbury. The theme is ‘West meets East’ and , knowing Manoj, is will be an occasion to remember. We wish the Joshi family, Manoj, Bhavna, and daughter Megha, who are all members of our club, a successful and happy year.

Please don’t forget, if you would like to know anything about Rotary in general or about our club in particular google ‘The Rotary Club of Bradford’ or contact me as shown below.

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The Life and Times of the Rotary Club of Bradford – January and February 2019 

So we enter another calendar year like giants refreshed. It is half way through our Rotary Year which doesn’t mean that it is all downhill from here but means we have as much time again to enjoy our membership. 

Rotary is not essentially a fund-raising organisation. Our aim is to give service, locally and internationally. We do raise funds with our social activities and specifically we have charity collections regularly at local supermarkets. We maintain a separate charity account from which we make donations to individuals and worthy causes. Recently, President Chris was able to give a cheque for £500 to the charity ‘Embrace child victims of crime’. This is a cause dear to Chris’s heart as he has personal knowledge of such victims from his years of experience in the police service. The other recent contribution was £500 to the ‘Bradford Soup Run’. This is a wonderful practical, hands-on charity helping unfortunates who are down on their luck. 

On the 7th January several members made our annual visit to the Rotary club of Keighley. They were given the usual warm welcome and hospitality. They enjoyed a fascinating talk and presentation by Judy and Dick Hazlehurst on their visit to Mongolia as tourists, not deportees. 

Our own programme of speakers, thanks to Baldev, continued to entertain and interest us. Our New Year address was an inspirational talk from the Rev. Bruce Grainger. He was followed in January by talks on the Bracken Hall countryside Centre and then Edward Sissling told us about his family business of specialist ironmongers. What a wonderful title ‘ironmongers’. Our own Bob Goring displayed his encyclopoedic knowledge with the second episode on the history of Jaguar cars. In February Martin Baines told us about the Bradford Police Museum. This was so interesting that we have organised a trip to it in April. Then we had Dr. Simon Hinchcliffe telling us about Bradford Grammar school. Several ex-pupils present were relieved to be fined by the Sergeant at Arms instead of getting a hundred lines. On the 15th February our speaker was unable to attend so in stepped our own ever willing Geoff Kenure who gave us his ideas on the probation service. He was well qualified to do this with his long association with the service, as an administrator, not a client. Incidentally, on speakers, Baldev who arranges them would welcome any suggestions for future speakers. It’s not an onerous task, twenty minutes with a free lunch. 

Bradford Grammar and Carlton Bolling the two Interact clubs with which we are involved continue to thrive with regular meetings and activities. As well as their social activities, like Rotary they raise serious money for good causes. Both clubs were recently involved in the ‘Young Chefs’ and ‘Youth Speaks’ competitions. Carlton Bolling achieved success in both. Young people in debate speak refreshingly with passion and lack of cynicism. They remind us that each new generation is just as good as we think we used to be. 

In his report, President Chris, makes the point that in welcoming new members with open arms we very much hope that they will be involved in all the activities of the club, business and social. There is no hint of compulsion about this but taking part is not only fulfilling but enjoyable. When the lists come round for events and activities, why not put your name down. You will be made very welcome. Our aim is to give service but it is just as important that you enjoy membership. 

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The Life and Times of the Rotary Club of Bradford - November & December 2018 

In the blink of an eye we end the calendar year and reach the half-way point of the tenure of President Chris. Our beloved leader recently joined a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. His very first duty on his return was to lay a wreath at the Cenotaph on behalf of Rotary in Bradford at a service to commemorate the signing of the Armistice that brought the bloodbath to an end. 

On a lighter note he and Mrs President, Lady Kay attended a dinner to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Bradford Bronte Rotary Club, our daughter club in Bradford that meets at breakfast time. I remember attending one of their first meetings when I was the only one not carrying a mobile phone and a bottle of water. 

Baldev Chaggar continues to provide us with speakers of a variety that would do the Heinz Corporation proud. Topics included the much maligned N.H.S., and Bradford council with an equally bad press. Both speakers refreshingly gave us the true facts. Sir James Hill told us about the problems of education in Bradford which made the Brexit talks seem simple. Charles Forgan, one of our earliest Paul Harris Fellows told us about Captain James Cook’s museum. Eugene with an unspellable second name told us the amazing story of Tino Valdi who progressed from being a weaver at Salt’s mill to being an international opera star. I must get a recording machine in my bathroom. 

Our dedicated team continues their attack on the never-ending torrent of litter at Undercliffe cemetery and Tina Bennett wielded her trowel tidying the flower beds in Thornton. Less arduously we had a successful, non-acrimonious quiz night on the 14th November. On the 5th December, the annual carol service organized by Phillip Sharp who is still apprehensive even though he has being doing it for about a hundred years. It was a huge success with the vaulting architecture matched by the soaring voices of the cathedral choir Refreshments at the end; a lovely evening. 

On the 27th December, John Parker, equally long serving, arranged another successful walk, this year blessed with good weather. At the end walkers were sustained and refreshed with a helping of soup provided by Mrs President. 

The two Interact clubs that we sponsored at Bradford Grammar and Carlton Bolling continue to thrive socially and with charitable work. Enthusiastic young people embracing the service principles of Rotary. 

We welcomed Ricci Dean, a local design consultant to membership and hope he has a fulfilling and enjoyable time with us. Incidentally, someone asked Sir James Hill if he had ever thought of joining. He said he had but was told it was not possible as someone in the same line of industry was already a member. This is most definitely not the case now. We welcome anyone who agrees with our aims and objectives. 

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The Life and Times of the Rotary Club of Bradford – September and October 2018 

The first two months of the Presidency of Rotarian Chris have certainly not been short of activity. With Lady Kay he has attended numerous functions at nearby Rotary clubs as well as overseeing our weekly meetings. Notably he was interviewed on Bradford Community Broadcasting when he gave an account of our activities in the coming year. 

The annual Rotary District Conference took place at the Spa complex in Scarborough from the 12th to the 14th October. This event gives a mixture of entertainment and inspiration to the delegates. Inspiration in addresses by such speakers as Bob Champion, the famous jockey who fought back from cancer, a speaker from Yorkshire Air Ambulance and a presentation about the Disability Games. Entertainment came from Eddie ‘ The Eagle’ Edwards and the Derbyshire shepherdess Lydia Slack. A full weekend with fine dining and wonderful fellowship. 

Our club social activities continued, meeting our target of one event a month. On the 2nd September our annual barbecue and garden party was held at the home of Stehpen Jordan and Rachel. It was blessed with perfect weather, lovely food, and great company. Well organised as usual by Tina and Keith Bennett. 

On the 17th October we had a club visit to the wonderful Ripon cathedral. Following a tour of this magnificent edifice members enjoyed a wholesome meal of soup sandwiches and cakes. 

It is our custom, at our weekly meeting to mark the birthday of members and drink their health with the wine that they generously provide. Recently we have had a succession of birthdays ending with a zero. Starting with the young Phillip Sharp, a mere sixty, John Guest an incredibly young looking seventy, and our mature citizens Eric Bentham and Geoff Nixon, ninety not out. These special events warrant a balloon, cake and candles, and a tuneful rendering of ‘Happy Birthday. The delicious cakes were provided by Jane Guest and Elizabeth Akester. Where were you ladies in British Bake-off? You would have walked it. The possibility of a double zero celebration is approaching inexorably. It has happened in the past. Who remembers the celebrant? Answers on a postcard. 

Our weekly speakers have continued to cover a wide range of subjects. Among them our own new member Joseph Chiemeka told us of his wide and varied career and Bob Goring displayed his vast knowledge of Jaguar cars. 

We welcomed a new member Sathish Babu, a successful local businessman and we look forward to a long and enjoyable association with him. 

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The Life and Times of the Rotary Club of Bradford – July and August 2018

 The 5th July was the date on which we welcomed Rotarian Chris Binns to the presidency of our club for the year 2018 to 2019. Chris is a retired senior police officer. His first contact with our club was when he gave us a brilliant two part talk on his epic walk from Land’s End to John O’Groats . Chris’s chosen charity for our support is ‘Embrace, Child victims of crime’ a cause of which he has personal experience. A charity close to his heart.

The first social occasion of our year was the annual welcome dinner on the 10th July. Again we supported Yorkshire tradition by enjoying the fare of The Wetherby Whaler. It’s surprising how they get the portions through the door they are so generous. 

On the 19th July we held our annual crown green bowling evening at Bradford bowling club. The competition was won by Gina Moss and Mike Smith. An unbiased result, (bowling joke). We then enjoyed a faith supper which was a new experience for me. It turns out that you estimate the attendance and then bring four times the food needed. 

On the 24th July our club paid a visit to the Rotary Club of Skipton Caraven This was preceded by a voluntary walk to a lead mine and a historical talk. 

We had our usual wide variety of speakers. Subjects ranged from Bradford Chamber of Commerce to football, and textile design. Our own honorary member Sheila Pickles told us about her experience on a holiday to New Zealand. Karl Oxford who has recently rejoined gave us a thought provoking talk on his life and childhood. Roger Owen, a former senior executive with Morrison’s supermarkets, gave us a fascinating account of his career working with, in his words, ‘The UK’s greatest grocer, Sir Ken Morrison. 

On the 13th August we had a special evening meeting when businessmen Tony Stanley and John Bell entertained with a slide show and talk on their adventurous walk along the Pyrenees from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean . A sophisticated meal of pie and chips enhanced the event. 

One corollary of our fairly recent activities was being involved in the initiation of two Interact clubs, one at Bradford Grammar School and the other at Carlton Bolling. Interact is a Rotary sponsored service movement for young people between the ages of 12and 18. They meet regularly and are involved in activities beneficial to the community based on the principles of the Rotary movement. Some of our members, notably John Guest, Martin Mumford and Alan Rogers attend their meeting purely as advisors. There is no question of supervision which would not be welcomed by the boys and girls who have enough supervision in their daily lives. We also have if I am honest, an ulterior motive in that when parents attend their social events we can interest them in joining Rotary. That also applies to anybody reading this account. 

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