Digging for funds

20 Hours of Rotarians time was bought for a special task

Ah, there is the pond!

Seven intrepid characters went to a garden in Dorchester. For once it wasn’t a coffee morning however. The owner of the house and garden had paid a goodly sum for 20 hours of work by Rotary members to sort out their garden. The funds were created by selling the member’s time in aid of Damers First School and were part of an auction held earlier. The three ladies and four men set about the task with gusto, and it must be stated that the owner provided coffee, tea and excellent chocolate biscuits. Out went weeds, the contents of a pool, apart from the water, a rampant climber, most of a large bush and the team tried to leave as good a site for the owner to take it from there. Part of the challenge was to repair and re-attach a fencing post, but all in a mornings work.