Swimarathon Policies

Policy concerning Data Protection – Child Protection – Corporate Sponsorship – Sponsorship of Swimmers – Public liability

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The Rotary Club of Market Harborough - Swimarathon Policies

Data Protection – Child Protection – Corporate Sponsorship – Sponsorship of Swimmers – Public liability

1            Data Protection

The Rotary Swimarathon is organized by the members of the Rotary Club of Market Harborough, an organization which has a Charitable Trust to which all profits are given and which is governed by the regulations concerning charities.

To run the Swimarathon efficiently, our committee needs to record information about teams that enter, in particular the contact details of the Team Captain or Team Leader. We may also record swimmers’ names so that they can be printed in local newspapers and Rotary news related articles.

In order to comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 (GDPR Regulations) all those who collect personal information, by, and in whatever form, must ensure that an appropriate Data Protection Act Statement is made. The Rotary Club of Market Harborough Swimarathon statement is:

Data Protection – the information you have supplied will be used solely for administering the Rotary Club of Market Harborough Swimarathon. This data will be maintained in accordance with the Act and will not be passed on or sold to any other organization other than local press and Rotary press for local event related articles.

2            Child Protection

The Rotary Club of Market Harborough, as a member of the Rotary International Organisation has policies in place to deal with child protection. Our Club has a nominated officer to advise on current legislation and current best practice when club members are dealing with children and vulnerable adults. The Rotary Club of Market Harborough child and vulnerable persons policy statement is:

The Rotary Club of Market Harborough is dedicated to keeping abreast of the current legislation within which we, as an International Service Club have to work. Occasionally we work with children or vulnerable adults during such events as the Swimarathon. Our general policy for such occasions is:

1.      The Rotary Club of market Harborough will nominate a Club Protection Officer

2.      The Club Protection Officer is to oversee club policies and ensure that these policies are in accord with current Rotary District, National and International standards.

3.      Any member or committee organizing an event where children and/or vulnerable adults are involved should review this policy and, where necessary with the assistance of the Club’s Protection Officer, ensure that the policy fulfills the need of the event.

4.      For the purposes of this policy, a child is someone under the age of 16 years. A vulnerable adult is a person who has a mental or physical disability.

5.      No member shall put themselves in a situation where they are alone or in a delicate situation with a child or vulnerable person. They will always ensure another adult or capable person is at hand.

6.      No photographs shall be taken of any child without the express permission of either the parent or a responsible adult looking after the child. Permission forms will be given to Team Captain’s/Team Leader’s for those teams containing children or vulnerable adults.

Additional policy requirements of the Swimarathon event are:

7.      Photographs will be taken in the main swimming area by official Rotary Swimarathon photographers and The Harborough Mail only.

8.      Only one copy of a team photograph will be kept for the purposes of providing certificates, use at the grant award presentation, and for the advertising of future Swimarathon events.

9.      Any requests for further copies of photographs must be progressed through the Team Captain/Team Leader. Any photographs requested will be posted to the address of the Team Captain/team Leader


3          Business Sponsorship

Business Sponsorship is obtained from local businesses to cover expenses in running the event that may include venue hire, printing, stationery, postage, telephone charges, website expenses etc.. This enables us to donate all additional monies raised during the event to worthwhile causes. We would urge you to support those local businesses whenever possible.

4          Sponsorship of Swimmers

All monies raised through the sponsorship of swimmers will go to worthwhile causes. The Rotary Club of Market Harborough works with charities and organisations to identify those most in need. Following the Swimarathon event, local charitable and voluntary organisations will be given an opportunity to apply for a grant to be allocated from the money raised through the Swimarathon. Careful consideration will be given to each application to ensure that money is well spent. Grants will be awarded at a public event later in the year.

If you are a taxpayer and are sponsoring a swimmer please ensure that you put your address on the sponsor form and tick the appropriate gift aid box. In that way, the Rotary Club is able to claim gift aid from the Inland Revenue, thereby increasing your donation by approximately 28%

5         Health and safety

The organisers of the Swimarathon will have first aid medical care on site at the Swimarathon event provided by St John Ambulance. Rotary stewards will ensure the safe running of the event and leisure centre qualified lifeguards will monitor all swimmers. Both the leisure centre and the Rotary club have agreed risk assessments.

6          Public Liability Insurance

The Rotary Club of Great Britain and Ireland, to which the Rotary Club of Market Harborough is affiliated, has appropriate public liability insurance in place in the event of unforeseen accidents. 


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