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Interact Club of Sandbach raised £300 and collected a large number school stationery for Mary's Meal.


Helping to feed and learn

The young women of Interact club of Sandbach High School and Sixth Form College have been involved in a project for “Mary’s Meals”. This is a Scottish charity which raises money for meals and collects school items for children in Africa and other parts of the world.

In some of the African countries and other developing countries the children have to go to school to get their meals and when there, they need items such as pencils and exercise books for their school works. Food is bought locally and cooks are paid to prepare meals for the children.

Members of Interact Club of Sandbach have raised over £300 and collected a huge pile of items including 100’s, if not 1,000’s of pencils, rulers, exercise books, and more! They have been sorting and packing the items for collection by “Mary’s Meal” charity to be flown to various parts of the world from Glasgow.

Children cannot learn if they are hungry. £13.90 will feed a child in Africa for a whole school year. The Interactors are thankful to their friends in school and others for their support for the project.

Rtn. Adrian Ramsden.

(Project Co-ordinator, Rotary club of Sandbach)


On 9th July I was pleased to have the opportunity to be able to talk to Stella and Jacqueline Vu, joint Presidents of the Interact Club whilst they were checking what had been donated for Mary’s Meals Backpack project.

 They said that they had chosen the project because it would help less-advantaged children, not only with their education but to ensure that they had a meal every day.

Stella and Jacqueline said in choosing the project they liked the idea of recycling and it was a project in which the whole school could participate.

They have worked very hard with talks in assembly; going round form rooms and sending reminder emails. It also brought the Interact members closer together with everyone having a role to play.

The Interact Club goes from strength to strength due to the enthusiasm and leadership of Stella and Jacqueline and the participation of the other members. We wish them all well next year – both as a club but also in their studies.

John Higgins

(Publicity Officer)