Nick Kuenssberg talking about 'Threads of history - the largest industrial company in the world.'

Thu 8th November 2018 at 18.30 - 20.00

Nick spoke to us on Thursday 8th November.

Kilmarnock Rotary Club recently heard from businessman Nick Kuenssberg on the history of the Coats thread company of Paisley. In a talk spanning more than two centuries Nick described the foundation of the company and its importance locally and globally. Coats was the wold’s first truly multi-national company and, through innovative management and production techniques, became and remains a major industrial force with 50 sites worldwide and more than 19.000 employees. More locally, Paisley was ‘the town built on thread’ and benefited from the employment and philanthropy that Coats brought, and there is an architectural legacy in the town today.

The photograph shows club president Ian Geddes with Nick Kuenssberg and club member George English.

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