Bill Morton - Family History & the General Data Protection Regulation

Thu 2nd August 2018 at 18.30 - 20.00

Bill Spoke to us on Thursday 2nd August 2018

Bill Morton is the Chair of the East Ayrshire Family History Society whose website is

His topic this evening was “Family History and the General Data Protection Regulation"

Family History goes beyond genealogy and looks at the lives of our ancestors. What effect will Data Protection have for future generations in obtaining information on our lives.
Bill described the fascination with this growing hobby and, for some, occupation. 
He was clear that family history is distinct from genealogy. Family history seeks to know more about the people, their stories, jobs, triumphs and tragedies and produces much more than just lists of dates of births, deaths and marriages.
He described where and how to look and brought up some interesting and amusing stories from the past which he had discovered during his research.  Bill discussed the impact of the Data Protection Act on the keeping of records and the potential loss of information as a result. A very interesting and informative.

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