David Johnstone - How tae hoad oan tae yer licence! - visitors welcome

Thu 19th July 2018 at 18.30 - 20.00

David spoke us on Thursday 19th July - Perhaps the most important meeting of the Rotary year, so far!

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Last Thursday Kilmarnock Rotary heard from one of its own members, former police officer and serving Justice of the Peace, David Johnstone.  In a highly entertaining talk entitled ‘How to haud oan tae your licence’ David gave members and guests a run-down of current road traffic legislation and some of the ways the law is applied by police and the courts. He covered speeding, drink driving, insurance and other potential offences and gave advice on how to avoid falling foul of the law. Using his experiences as a police officer and some of the cases he’s dealt with as a JP, this was a very informative and often hilarious talk. 

Kilmarnock Rotary was pleased to welcome visiting Rotarian Elaine McHardy from Corby Phoenix Rotary Club. Pennants were exchanged with Kilmarnock President Ian Geddes. It was also great to have Kenny Kooi back amongst us and to have Bill Bryden of Loudoun Rotary and Alison Tait of our Eclub join us for the evening.

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