Birds of Prey - Norman Towe - March 27th 2018

A Bird in the Hand!

This was true today when Norman Towe and his wife Iris, brought four birds of prey to show us at the Coventry North Rotary Club lunch on Tuesday 27th March.  Norman demonstrated the white faced owl, the Harris hawk, a kestrel and the beautiful barn owl which everybody loved.  These were appreciated by the Coventry North Ladies  and friends who had come to see our ‘special’ visitors.  The talk lasted longer than usual, but we all enjoyed the occasion.  Past President Peter Thompson hosted our guests and thanked them for a lovely lunchtime talk.  President Steve presented a cheque to Norman to help with him his nominated charity, Myton Hospice, and wished him well for the future. Rotarian Brian Sharp took photographs of the occasion, for which the birds posed beautifully.

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