2009 FTSE Competition Week 1

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The FTSE 100 has not faired well since the beginning of the year having fallen six days out of the last seven working days and now stands at 4147 down 287 points from the start of our competition.

Banks and Insurance have taken the brunt of the fall as a result of renewed thoughts of having to be bailed out yet again. The Royal Bank and Barclays have suffered particularly badly perhaps on the grounds that they may become government owned. Mining & energy have also had a patchy performance.

Already we have the first take over of the year British Energy Group by EDF on 5 January.

Anyone who has held on to their investment or better should congratulate themselves on their vision [12 out of 76].

Stuart Nicol, Mike Hurry and Stephanie Blackden's performance shows the way and are leading our competition at this early stage with significant gains.

Where to now!? FTSE wk 1 2009.pdf

Watch this space. Until next week.

Best wishes

Cliff RC West Fife