Blood pressure check

The annual "Know your blood pressure" day was organised by our club in association with the Stroke Association. Following is a report about the event.

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Know Your Blood Pressure


Our club, in association with the Stroke Association, has organised an annual “Know Your Blood Pressure” day for the past few years. An RIBI  initiative and one of our “We are for Communities” projects, this free service is to make people aware of the importance of checking blood pressure and the connection with stroke.

This year it was held on Thursday 19th April at St Mary’s Hall, Sandbach. This was the hottest day of the year so far which seemed to lift everyone’s spirit and , hopefully didn’t raise their blood pressure!

The checks were carried out by Ginny Lewis (Inner Wheel Cliub of Sandbach) and DG Eric Cowcill of our club. 56 people had their blood pressure checked -  a few more than last year – and one person was recommended to see their GP for further consultation.

There is quite a bit of “behind the scenes” work in organising this event including registering with the Stroke Association and obtaining the necessary materials; advertising in the press and around the town and submitting the data to the Stroke Association. I should like to thank my fellow Rotarians who helped to make this event another resounding success.

 Bill Whittaker (Chairman, Community Services)