Faramach Celtic Rock Band

Tue 19th June 2018 at 18.30 - 21.00

Partners Night with Matt Birch Woodmill HIgh School

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Faramach is a band started by Mr Matt Birch at Woodmill High School. It has evolved over the years, it has a family feeling and one of its objectives is to show other pupils what can be achieved.  

Realistic, professional approach.

Maintain an ethos that every audience member deserves the same musical experience.

Biggest gig so far was a four day residency in a hotel in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2017

Two original members told the Rotarians what Faramach had done for them. Kaitlin explained that pupils feel that Faramach, which in Gaelic means making a lot of noise, has made them confident, “confident in my own skin” said Kaitlin.

She claimed in turned her from a muttering quiet person, learned how not to take things too seriously and made her a better person.

Emma explained that needing to chat between songs made her realise not that she was not as confident as she thought she was.  It made me think on the spot, play with the crowd. 

Scottish audiences are reserved and not interactive.

Leaving Faramach after four years was a shock, “it has been massive in my life”.

Matt explained how Christie had taken over as lead singer from Emma. Christie talked about how music had brought her a lot of different experiences. She has gained confidence to talk in front of audiences and felt that anyone with the chance should accept if invited to join Faramach.

This is what Ashley has done, the twelve year old was playing with the group for the first time and could potentially be in the band for five years.

The band is self funding and certainly it gives these young people the best possible experiences. In September Faramach will be playing in the Outwith Festival in Dunfermline. They are always looking for performance opportunities.

Greig Hill gave the club’s vote of thanks. He said that we had been entertained royalty and he was sure that being a member of Faramach would create memories that will last a lifetime. He added: “It is immensely heartening to see an organisation like this going on with Mr Birch pushing it forward and encouraging it.”

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