Seen at Broadmead Primary School
during week commencing 12 March 2018

Despite the horrors of the cold weather we have seen the first of the crocus flowers blooming at Broadmead Primary School. 

The crocus bulbs were planted by the pupils in November 2017 as part of our Rotary “End Polio” campaign and we hope to see many more flowers bloom as spring wins over the cold.

Many thanks to Head Teacher, Sarah Hunter, for sending us the photo and to the pupils who helped plant the bulbs and now begin to see the fruition of their work as well as learning about polio and how Rotary is committed to eradicate it from the world once and for all.

Our Crocus bulbs have bloomed!  A message from Head Teacher Sarah Hunter

Earlier this year we worked with the Rotary Club and the Mayor of Croydon to plant crocus bulbs as part of the ‘End Polio’ campaign. This week we were delighted to see them popping up!  Don’t forget to keep an eye out at the park too because not only did we plant at school, we also planted at the entrance to the park and Richmond in 1B has spotted them popping up! – Great observation skills Richmond!

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As we near the end of March, the results of our October/November Crocus planting can ne be seen. See pictures above. 

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