Apr 2018 Giant Easter Egg Raffle Fundraiser

Thu 1st March 2018 at 09.00 - Tue 3rd April 2018 - 09.00

Only £1 a go !

We are delighted to announce that this project raised £1428 - a great start !

Look Out for the Day of Fun Sports Date announcement.

Trevor is co-ordinating a new project for the Projects Committee in co-operation with the excellent charity Wheelpower.  

They are based at Stoke Manderville Hospital where they work with people who have spinal injuries.  They encourage them to be as active as possible and to enjoy every sport possible.  This project aims to run a Day of Wheelchair Sports in Cambridge in 2019 (tbc).  We are seeking funding and a suitable indoor venue.

Wheelpower will provide logistics, staff and Equipment for the day. We will identify a local venue and a batch of enthusiastic volunteers to support their efforts. Several very successful events like this have run up and down the country already - let us give an opportunity to local people in our community to gain from the fun and motivation on offer !

In order to kickstart our fundraising Trevor has sourced 20 gorgeous, giant, hand-made Easter Eggs with the idea of finding pubs and shops who would sell £1 tickets for a raffle.  An expert chocolatier has created them for us with a special Rotary message on each one. 

Hopefully £100 can be raised per egg with profits going to the project fund.  20 egg guardians have been found and distribution has now begun.

The Egg Draws were done at Easter.   Congratulations to Our Lucky Winners !

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