Search Engine Optimisation

Tue 10th April 2018 at 18.30 - 19.30

Guest speaker, Brian Mathers from Online Xcellence

Guest speaker at Rotary this week was Brian Mathers from Online Xcellence, on the subject of Search Engine Optimisation.

When Brian left the navy in 1997 he was keen to learn about the Internet. He claimed that he fell into it but this was an era pre Google. By 2010 he was termed a pioneer in search engines. 

Got involved in schemes to get businesses online. Sent on task forces in England. Technology was frustrating everybody. This led to him visiting USA where he met Matt Bailey an Internet marketing practitioner and author of Wired to be Wowed. He developed a specialism in online business growth.

Search Engine Optimisation is about optimising a page so that surfers can find pages that they are looking for.

25% of searches are now by voice, this will rise quickly to 50%. This is causing rethink of website pages. They will next be able to work out how you think!

Businesses are responsible or their own destiny.  The online Xcellence programme is about reaching a standard. This appears to be missed out of college courses. Brian claimed websites are like racing cars and you have to go out and win races. 

Competition online is fierce.  All typed in searches are logged to develop key word research tools. Goal is to drive visitors to websites. The greater success will come when websites are constantly refreshed to boost search results. 

Website needs to make contact and engagement as simple as possible. Trust is really important. Generated from information that is online. Certain websites can win trust and authority.


How searching is changing - watch on YouTube

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