Edd Moore, teacher and Club member speaks to the club

Edd speaks about his work in Damers First School

Our speaker this week was Edd Moore, a teacher from Damers First School (The Eco Coordinator). The school moved to its new premises in 2017 and was opened by HRH the Prince of Wales. The statistics at the school are quite remarkable in terms of how it operates and the results of the work in the field of ecology and related activities. The pupils number about 420, which will rise to close to 600 in due course with the new building in Dorchester, principally Poundbury. Part of the programme is to minimise the use of plastics, and any non-recyclable material. Another key part is to actively encourage children and parents to walk, scooter or ride to school, and some 70% actually do. The school has just released the Eco Turtle Refill Station as well. These are eco friendly cleaning products, which includes a bottle made from recycled milk containers, and a refill station so that it can be refilled when the contents have run out. the refill station is seen below:

The Poundbury Rotary Club has been working with the school since it moved to its new premises to help with the garden, rotovating and clearing a site, delivering gravel, and giving and planting 5,000 purple crocus corms in celebration of the global Rotary programme to eliminate polio from the planet – on-going since 1985 and nearly complete. One of the club members has coordinated some local adults to come along regularly to the school to work with the children in their gardens, growing their own food. Indeed, Edd was so enthused by the Poundbury Rotary Club’s attitude that he asked to join and has now been a member for several months. The school’s work under Edd’s guidance has resulted in their ‘refill rap’ on the topic being sent to 55,000 schools worldwide and have appeared on the BBC Programme Newsround. The ‘refill’ programme is to encourage local businesses, mainly retail or with public access to provide water to refill containers to prevent wasting one use plastic bottles. They have won a number or awards, including one which took the children to a day in London. It is a remarkable school, due in no small measure to the Head, Catherine Smith.