The first Club walk

Organised by Kath, this is the first walk for the club members (and families, dogs, children etc)

Walking group ready for the off

The club’s first Sunday stroll was planned for a walk around Badbury Rings which is an Iron Age hill fort in east Dorset, England. It was in the territory of the Durotriges. In the Roman era a temple was located immediately west of the fort, and there was a Romano-British town known as Vindocladia a short distance to the south-west. The site is now a National Trust site.

We were told the walk was an easy 3 miles….. The day dawned and lo and behold it was a clear sunny, if cold, day. Meeting at 11.00 was fine, and we checked in with the car park (members just electronically log in and the parking is free, but ‘ordinary’ people pay. The photo shows the starting group, keen and eager and thinking of lunch at a nearby hostelry. But look at the photo, and beyond the people. Dark clouds coming in and within a couple of hundred metres into the walk we had horizontal hail and sleet, so we hid amongst the trees. We resumed as the storm abated; and finished just before 2pm. Sounds slow? But it was 5.8 miles. Great walk – and on to the pub at 2.10 pm, and lunch at 3pm (well, they had to cook it at the pub).

We all hope for many more walks, and lunch on a Sunday. Thanks to Kath for organising and everyone’s company.