Charity Golf Day

at the Broome Manor Golf Complex

Charity Golf Day - 9th March 2018

Schedule of Events – starts at 8.00am

o   Bacon Rolls & Coffee on Arrival at Broome Manor
o   9 Holes of Texas Scramble on the 9 Hole at Broome Manor
o   Packed Sandwich Lunch at Broome Manor
o   18 Holes Combined Stapleford plus Individual at Broome Manor
o   Buffet Dinner and Prize Giving at the Marriott 

Prizes & Trophies

Scramble (Medal Format) 1/20 Combined Handicap

1st Lowest Net

2nd Lowest Net

Combined Stapleford Full Handicap, 3 Scores to CountWhite Tees

1st Highest Points

2nd Highest Points

Individual Stapleford Full HandicapWhite Tees

1st Highest Points

2nd Highest Points

3rd Highest Points

Longest Drive on 9th Hole

Nearest the Pin on 6th Hole

Nearest the Pin in 2 on 16th Hole

Longest Drive on 17th Hole

The Rules

Strict Rules of Golf apply at all times. Broome Manor club rules apply at the time the event is played.

No puts are to be given all puts must be holed out, and all cards are to be handed in and signed by a 1 member of each team.

Competition Rules


1/20th Total Combined Handicap, decimal points count up to 2 decimal points ie 1/20th of handicap comes out to 1.236 then your handicap is 1.24 for the 9 holes.

Scoring format is Medal, every shot counts.

Each player tees off the tee and the best drive is picked, every Player must count 2 of their drives leaving 1 drive spare. Once the best drive is picked the position is marked and each player in turn plays from that position. This process continues until the ball is in the hole.

At the end of the round you total score for each hole is added together and your handicap is taken of this score giving your net score, this is the score that counts in the competition.

Individual & Combined Stapleford

Each player receives Full Handicap.

Stapleford Format

Stapleford is a game whereby points are scored against the par of the hole and that holes stroke index.

Points are scored as follows

Net Double Bogey or Worse (2 Over Par) = 0pts

Net Bogey (1 Over Par) = 1pt

Net Par = 2pts

Net Birdie (1 Under Par) = 3pts

Net Eagle (2 Under Par) = 4pts

Net Albatross (3 Under Par) = 5pts

Net (4 Under Par) = 6pts

The Stroke index on the card determines where you get your allocated strokes (Stroke Index’s 1-18, 1 Being the hardest hole on the course and 18 being the easiest hole on the course). For example a player who is receiving 8 strokes would receive a stroke on holes with stroke index’s 1-8, a player who is receiving 21 strokes would receive a stroke on index’s 4-18 and 2 strokes on index’s 1-3.

Each players individual score must be recorded for every hole, however if you cannot score on a hole then you may pick your ball up and be declared out of that hole. The total number of points for each hole is added up giving the points score for the round, the individual with the highest score for the round will win this competition.

Combined Stapleford

The rules for this competition are exactly the same as the Stapleford competition, however this competition is a team event played in your four ball. The overall winner will be the team with the highest number of points counting the best 3 scores on each hole. For example Player A Scores 2, Player B Scores 3, Player C Scores 3 and Player D Scores 1, the team score for that hole would be 8. It is the team with the highest total team score that will win this competition.

In the Event of a Tie

In the event of a tie the following count back rules will apply in the following order for each format.

Scramble Format (Gross Score pre Handicap Adjustment)

Total Score for the Last 6

Total Score for the Last 3

Total score for the last hole

Then Sudden Death from 9th Hole back till 1st hole

Both Stapleford Competitions

Total Points on Back 9

Total Points on Last 6

Total Points on Last 3

Total Points on the Last Hole

Then Sudden Death from 18th Hole back to the 1st Hole