Quiz night sell-out

The recent quiz organised by the club raised over £700 and was a sell-out

Raffle winners!

The latest quiz night held by the Rotary Club of Poundbury was a sell-out with hardly any room left for the bar! The nine rounds were the most challenging, interesting and in one case, unique. That round was on music, but for a change it asked the quizzers to name the film from the music being played. Everything from Star Wars to Forrest Gump! Other rounds were on English Counties, History, and even anagrams and a round that stretched many teams with questions that required lateral thinking.  

 The event was held to raise funds for the club’s overseas charity, which on this occasion was to provide IT equipment for a school in Kenya. The school project is being run by the Casterbridge Rotary club and supported financially by the Poundbury club. In so doing the joint effort also raised funding from the Rotary International Charity – the Rotary Foundation. In many cases projects at home and abroad are financially supported by a number of clubs thereby gaining additional funding through Rotary grants.

 The combined profit from the entrance fee, the bar and the raffle raised over £700. The winning team went away with a bottle of wine for each person, and even won a raffle prize – not a bad evening for them, and a great one for all the people there.