One of our members visiting two Australian Clubs

Joan Cullington of our club, together with her husband Geoff (of the Casterbridge Club) visited the Unley Rotary Club, Adelaide and Port Melbourne club.

Joan and Geoff Cullington with Heather Kilsby of the Unley Rotary Club.

At the Unley Club weekly meetings we have interesting speakers on diverse subjects, and occasionally we visit actual sites to enable fuller understanding and appreciation of the topic.
We raise many thousands of dollars each year which is dispersed in service to needy in our community and overseas. Our major fund-raising activity is the Unley Rotary Thrift Shop at 130 Unley Road, Unley. 
We contribute to international programs such as Rotary's International's program to eradicate Polio world-wide. We support programs such as Rotary Youth Exchanges, Vocational Study Teams and many others. Opportunities exist for members of our club to visit other countries and work as volunteers in the Rotary Australia World Community Service projects and programs. An upcoming programme is to plant trees as part of the Rotary International drive to plant over one million trees this Rotary year. 
Joan later reported that they had just had a great evening with Port Melbourne Club. the same size as Poundbury. They were impressed by the 07.30 start, especially when told it could be cold and frosty. 

Joan and Geoff at the Port Melbourne Club