Mar 2018 Speaker Rtn Philip Sadler on Sand Dams in Africa

Mon 26th March 2018 at 17.45 - 20.00

a meal & speaker. Venue at the Arundel House Hotel. Speaker Host - Alan S, General Host - Michael F, Cashier - Vicky.

Today we gathered at the Arundel House GHotel for our regular Monday Meeting.

Today we had our usual 2 course dinner followed by a Speaker.  Philip Sadler was talking about his work establishing Sand Dams in Africa - a life saving way to conserve precious water in areas prone to severe drought.  Using the local organisations who are expert in building these structures and mobilising the local community to help with the construction great results have been achieved. The v-shaped concrete wall built on solid bedrock across a known river way cause the sand to build up upstream. They don't stop water flowing but they do help water to build up in the sand and the surrounding landscape benefits from a generally raised water table. Agriculture and tree growth become possible again and lifting water filtered by the sand gives a supply of clean life giving water. Philip spoke with great enthusiasm and his talk gave us a lot to think about.

This may be very relevant to our Naalarami Shool Project with the Masai tribes in northern Tanzania.

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