35,000 purple crocus corms planted at the Weighbridge (8 December 2017)

Huge thanks to Bernie’s Gardening Services.

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Bernie’s Gardening Services volunteered immediately to plant all 35,000 purple crocus corms at the Weighbridge Roundabout for us when we asked for help.

Rotarian Jannine Birtwistle thanked Bernie and his son Andre for all their help.  Bernie said  "We know polio mainly hits young children and believe it is really important to help Rotary to bring awareness to this issue and try and get the world rid of this horrible disease. When we heard Rotary and Floral Guernsey needed help planting 35,000 purple crocus corms at the Weighbridge I was delighted that I could offer my services, to give our time to make this happen. My own son Andre has himself benefited from a great Rotary programme for young leaders (RYLA) a few years back that really helped him be the man that he is today, and it was lovely to be able to do something to say thank you to the two local Rotary clubs, whilst helping in this worthy cause.”

The weather was kind to them and with couple of hours without rain to get the corms planted they quickly found the most effective way of working together to get so many corms planted quickly. The ground was fairly soft as there had been a lot of rain in recent days which really helped.

Rotary Club of Guernsey, Rotary Guernesiais and Floral Guernsey want to say a huge thank you to Bernie, Andre and the team for doing such great job at short notice.

Finally, a newly edited clip (8 Jan 2018) of 2 of our Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland Purple4Polio Ambassadors highlighting the work of Rotary to end polio in the world can be viewed below.

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