World Polio Day

World Polio Day was on 24th October. We celebrated the day by organising a variety of Fund Raising Activities, of which the main one was the only Special Charity Screening of the film "Breathe" in Scotland.

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To commemorate World Polio Day (October 24th), The Rotary Club of Edinburgh organised and hosted a Special Charity Screening of the film “Breathe” at the Dominion Cinema on October 23rd; members and guests enjoyed a drinks reception beforehand and Purple4Polio ice-cream during the film; had an opportunity to view (from the inside if they wished!) an “Iron Lung”; listened to a short talk by our member and polio survivor, Diana Buchan; they also participated in a raffle for some excellent prizes. In the week leading up to this, and on the night of the screening, purple Crocus Buttonholes were sold by IPP John Williams. Before the start of the lunch meeting of the Club on October 26th, members were invited to have their “pinkies painted purple”, paying £1 per finger for the privilege! The total profit of these ventures (including Gift Aid on charitable donations) was £4,000, which will be donated to TRF’s Polio Plus Fund. As the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation matches all such donations 2:1, our Club will effectively be contributing £12,000 to the continuing campaign to eradicate polio worldwide for ever.