Santa's visit to our area December 2018

Including an update on donations collected by Santa and his helpers for the Rotary Club fund.

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Once again the amounts donated during Santa's visit to towns/villages within our area have exceeded previous year totals and rhe Rotary Club would like to express grateful thanks to local residents for this.

Donations by area 2018 2017 2016
Tittensor            £258 £249 £275
Gnosal Heath    £290 £296 £315
Gnosall East     £309 £293 £265
Gnosall West    £268 £0 £255
Swynnerton   £268 £270 £295
Woodseaves    £256 £313 £243
Yarnfield New E £254 £259 £656
Yarnfield West £225 £268
Yarnfield East  £280 £138
Eccleshall Central    £403 £365 £384
Eccleshall Co-op      £0 £259 £0
Eccleshall East        £458 £368 £365
Eccleshall West       £431 £508 £430

£3,700 £3,586 £3,483

Each year Rotary Club members and helpers are very rewarded by the pleasure and even excitment from children, families and residents shown in response to Sant's visits. The donations received will also allow the Club to continue to support local good causes,  and worthy projects further afield.

For a statement of Club expenditure in the year to 30th June 2018 please click here.

We've reviewed our safety arrangements to ensure we continue to avoid accidents.  The main points we ask of those coming to see Santa are:
  • Children to be under your (adult) supervision.
  • Stepping onto the sleigh, or getting off, to be on the pavement side only.
  • Santa's assistant's (who will be beside the sleigh) guidance to be followed.


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