Kelty, Coal and Community

Tue 21st November 2017 at 18.00 - 21.00

Ailsa Grandison will address the Club

Ailsa provided the club with a truly fascinating talk on Kelty, Coal & Community – presented in a fine documentary film which she produced.

Kelty Community Council did Kelty and the mining community proud by commissioning a landmark Exhibition on Mining in Kelty as it coincided with the 60th Anniversary of the Lindsay Pit Disaster and 50 years since the pit closed.

Clearly the exhibition has involved a huge amount of research, covering the period from the 18th Century to when the pits closed.  Great credit must go to Paul McDonald as part of the team (Non-Miner) - but with the help of retired miners themselves, together with the community and the three researchers brought in helped create the material for the exhibition.

The talk highlighted what mining has represented to the Kelty community over many years.

With two pits, the Lindsay and the Aitken, the research showed how coal was not just an employer but also a social life and how it built the community and made it what it was.   The research looked at many aspects, e.g. schools, what they did and part they played – and what the miners did socially after work.

Earlier this year, Kelty celebrated the contribution that coal mining has made to the local community with a fine exhibition of their mining heritage.  The local history being told in pictures, print and prose.

A fine account of the history of mining ‘Kelty, Coal & Community’ presented in a very professional documentary – a great credit to Ailsa for her work in producing the film.

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