Murder Mystery Night - Southport

Murder Mystery Night in the company of Murder 57 at the Royal Clifton Hotel Southport

Around 30 members and friends of Rainhill Rotary enjoyed an excellent event at the  at the Royal Clifton Hotel in Southport where we were entertained with an evening of intrigue and "murder" in the company of zombies, vampires and were-wolves played by the cast of Murder 57 the UK's leading murder mystery entertainment company.

Click here to visit the Murder 57 website

The role of the audience was to follow the storyline and ultimatlely identify the murderer in an enthralling evening whilst eating and drinking.

A prize was awarded to the person who identified the murderer and the clues / facts that lead to their conclusion....this was won by Amanda Turner (Colin Brannelly's partner)....see the pictures for their super fancy dress.

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