Yellowmen Visit to Kenya - September 2017

​The Yellowmen have returned after a fifteen day stay in north-west Kenya...

The Yellowmen have returned after a fifteen day stay in north-west Kenya. The small team comprised Rotarians Eddie McCall and Chris Folley, Honorary Rotarians Mike Stewart, Barbara Thomas and Wendy Wood together with Molly Wood. Five of the group were involved in a large educational programme involving visits to about fifteen schools, demonstration lessons, a reading programme, seminars and practical work on teaching English. Attendance at the seminars was the highest yet achieved and the participants’ feedback was extremely positive Wendy Wood undertook research into the incidence of Upper Respiratory Tract Infections at both a highland clinic and a lowland clinic as a result of which she has analysed some 2,500 cases.

In Marich work continued on the newly built primary school with screeding and the completion of the gables, the new clinic had a wall completed and work began on the roofing, windows and doors all of which should have been completed by now. At Sigor Hospital the new accommodation block is progressing well and will provide five small apartments while the accommodation block at Sostin saw the walls completed and work started to design and install a roof.

The Yellowmen took about £9,000 of medicines with them which they distributed to local hospitals and clinics. Discussions have taken place about Tikeet Clinic and a medical mission charity will be asked to take on the running of it for the local community. It’s hoped that the clinic can be opened by the end of the year with the official opening in February next year.

Organiser Eddie McCall said, “It was a tiring time but very successful trip. We have more people already booked up for the February and September visits next year and with extra hands we can achieve even more. We always need funds to do our work in Kenya and I am pleased to say that I recently gave a talk to Ladies Who Lunch and received a donation in excess of £300. I am grateful to them and to all the other organisations that support us so generously.”

The Yellowmen always need funds to continue their work in Kenya. To find out more or to donate please visit

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